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Basketball Betting Florida

Basketball is already full of adrenaline, but throwing betting into the mix seems to get the blood pumping that much faster. When basketball betting in Florida, you want to make sure that this excitement pays off, and the path of success involves finding the right places to bet and working on your knowledge base and strategies.

How to start basketball betting in Florida

Deciding to bet on basketball in Florida is the first step, but you will not get anywhere until you understand a few basics, including:

  • The best basketball sportsbooks to place your bets
  • Popular ways to bet on basketball
  • Tips and tricks to make betting a breeze

These simple factors change your betting method from a guess to a carefully cultivated wager, and they improve your chances of winning quite a bit.

Best basketball betting Florida


You can know everything about the sport, but betting on the wrong websites ends in disaster. So when looking for a place to bet, you need to ensure a few things.

First and foremost, the website should be licensed to operate in Florida. They should also have a decent reputation and background for you to look into.

Basketball betting sites should also have a variety of other sports betting options for you, but you might want to choose a few that does well with the betting types you want to focus on. This might mean they offer bonuses on them often or that they simply have better odds for those specific types for both basketball and for the NBA.


The five basketball betting sites laid out below have both stellar reputations and a great variety of valuable betting lines.

FOX Bet basketball betting in Florida

FOX Bet is great to keep on your roster for price shopping. It does a fantastic job of posting competitive odds, and your options for future bets will never run dry. You can even create custom bets to suit your needs.

BetRivers basketball betting lines

BetRivers has a great signup offer to take advantage of. While there are not any specific types of basketball bets that it tops the competition on, the betting lines offered by BetRivers are on point with the industry standard.

BetMGM for betting on basketball in Florida

BetMGM stems from a luxury super weight division, and their basketball betting provides the same experience. The variety of bets offered, as well as the sleek interface, make betting a breeze, especially when you utilize the BetMGM mobile application.

DraftKings and basketball betting FL

If you want to focus on spreads and totals, you cannot ignore DraftKings. While their lines compete with other reputable providers, the pricing in those areas tends to fall in your favor.

FanDuel basketball betting lines in Florida

This one is for mobile betting enthusiasts. FanDuel has one of the best applications, hands down. From the app, you can place a variety of well-priced basketball bets, and you can keep up with live betting updates even when you are away from a computer.

Basketball bet types in Florida


Bets go beyond a point-blank outcome. Most of the bets you place on basketball will fall into these categories:

  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Props
  • Futures
  • Live

Expect these betting types to be covered at the very least. Of course, these can also be compounded into parlays, but you should still understand the basics for each type before putting money on it. Florida sports betting keeps tab on the best type of bets for you.

Moneylines basketball bets FL

Even someone who has little betting knowledge would know what a money line is, though they might not call it that. These are “to-win” bets, meaning you wager on who you believe will win the game.

They may seem straightforward, but experienced bettors will tell you that these are not something you guess on. Employing a strategy and keeping yourself updated on the sport, teams, and players goes a lot farther than guessing how things will end.

Point spreads

In a point spreads, each team is either given points or has to cover them to win the bet.

If the spread is shown as a positive number (+2), then that means that points are added to their final score. A negative number (-2) deducts points from their final score.

The team with points deducted needs to score enough to still win with the points deducted, but the team with points added only needs to keep their margin of loss smaller than those points.

For example:

  • With two points deducted, a score of 98-95 would suffice because even with the points removed, they would still win the game.
  • With two points added, a team could lose the game and win the bet with a score of 97-98 because those two points would put them on top.

It is a bit of a dizzying concept, but once you understand, everything falls into line.


Totals are also known as over/under bets, and they are great low-pressure bets. Instead of trying to figure out who will win or the margin of winning, you predict whether the total score of the game will be over or under a determined number.

If the number is 200, you simply wager depending on whether you believe the score will be more or less than that. Unfortunately, there is not much strategy to go along with these, so keeping playing styles and previous interactions between teams in mind helps a lot.


While most bets seem to deal with winning or scores, prop bets focus on some of the smaller details of basketball, like predicting who the jump will go to or who will score the most points in a particular quarter.

These bets are fun because they are less stringent, but it is more difficult to lock down some of your predictions.


If you stretch that same concept out over a season, you get a future bet. So these are your predictions on who will win championship games or who will get specific awards.

Futures should not take up the bulk of your bets, but they can really pay off if you wager earlier in the season. The closer you get to fruition, the less you stand to win.

Basketball Live bets FL

Live bets are not for everyone, but they are an excellent adrenaline booster. These are constantly changing depending on what happens in the game, and you may only have seconds to place a bet or lock in specific odds.

Unfortunately, it is easy to fall into an endless pit of live betting. If you suspect you have a gambling problem, then the responsible thing to do is avoid those kinds of bets. Live bets are easy to lose but difficult to fall in love with.

Picks for basketball betting in Florida


Knowing where and what to bet is half the battle. Knowing how to stay informed and predict certain outcomes is what separates those interested in betting from those interested in winning.

These picks are known to improve your chances of winning as long as you actually use them. But, unfortunately, learning about them does nothing until you take action.

Separate head and heart

Betting is based on logic, not hope and dreams. Your loyalty is great, and it gives you something to look forward to, but it should be ignored when placing bets.

You cannot simply hope for a team to win, but you can pay attention to their past performances and current condition to attempt to determine what outcome will occur. The moment you start letting your “wants” for the game, you lose sight of what might actually happen.

This does not mean you should always bet with your head. While you should still ignore where your heart is trying to take you, your intuition or “gut” might know more than you believe. This is because your subconscious processes information without you knowing. If you are stumped on a wager, but your instincts are pulling you in a certain direction, it might pay off to listen.

Stay up to date on the whole sport

Your job as a bettor is to keep track of what is going on in basketball. This means that you know what is affecting teams, players, and the sport as a whole.

While you can certainly run a crash course in relevant information moments before placing a bet, nothing replaces the slow and steady collection and immersion of keeping yourself updated. You never know what betting opportunities will arise, and you want to give yourself enough time to process information correctly.

At the very least, it pays off to follow unbiased commentators and sports teams on social media. Setting up alerts for any basketball-related news also helps you catch any relevant information.

Keep basketball scheduling in mind

A team’s schedule affects a few things.

Teams that play at home are more likely to win than a visiting team. So home-court advantage is real, and it is worth considering before placing a bet.

A heavy schedule plays into fatigue. Teams that have spent a lot of time on the road or have traveled long distances are likely to perform poorly.

The exception to this is when a team is dealt a devastating loss, usually by 15 points or more. This seems to kick teams into second gear, and they are more likely to win the next game.

Pay attention to the lineup

A team is only as strong as its weakest player.

Placing a bet without checking the roster is a rookie mistake.

It is too easy for a player to hurt themselves before a game. For example, you might bet on a person who will not even be in the game, and you lose money quickly by just throwing the whole child way.

Managing your bankroll

This is not basketball-specific, but betting without a proper bankroll management system could easily end your betting career. To do this, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Set a budget, whether it be weekly or by season, that does not borrow from necessary expenses
  • Keep track of your wins and losses to ensure your money is going to the right conditions
  • Reach out for help as needed

Most basketball betting sites in FL include resources for responsible gambling. Be honest with yourself about what you can afford to bet and how well you manage your bankroll. Taking a break is better than losing the critical things in your life.

Basketball betting in Florida FAQ

Can I legally bet on basketball in Florida?

You can legally bet on basketball in Florida as long as you reside in the state. This is why reputable basketball betting sites require verification of address; they are working to provide a legal and safe environment for you to bet in.

How do odds work for basketball betting in Florida?

Most odds are displayed using the American way of showing odds. A positive number lets you know how much money you stand to gain by betting $100, but a negative number indicates how much you need to bet to win $100 potentially. The positive number is usually the underdog, and the negative number is usually the team favored to win.

How many sportsbooks should I use for basketball betting in Florida?

It would help if you aimed to use at least two different ones for basketball betting in Florida. By using more, you have a greater chance of locking in odds at a great value. Using multiple basketball sportsbooks also provides more betting variety, and you get more bonuses.

What are the easiest and most difficult basketball bets in Florida?

While money lines or totals are better when starting, they can be compounded into a more difficult parlay. Parlays undoubtedly pay off if you win, but the chances of winning the whole parley are slim. You can usually win more by placing multiple straight bets.

Can I make money on basketball betting in Florida?

As long as you win your bets, you can make money. Basketball is not difficult to learn, even for those with more life experience. If you would like, you can look into professional betting, but either way, you need to stay updated on the world of basketball.