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Baseball Betting Florida

Legal baseball betting has come to Florida, and we’re sharing our research on all things baseball betting in FL. First, we’ll teach you how to set up a baseball sportsbook, then we’ll explain baseball betting odds, popular bets to place, strategies for baseball betting online, and answers to FAQs.

How to begin baseball betting Florida

Baseball betting beginners often want to know where to start when it comes to this exciting online opportunity. You’ll first want to browse legal Florida sportsbooks to find one that offers baseball betting and suits your needs.

But that alone isn’t enough. You also need some knowledge of baseball betting odds so you can put value into your bets. And, of course, bettors need to know what types of markets (bets) you can make and how to make them.

Follow the Base

Together, these steps, along with knowledge of a few strategies, will help you make successful baseball wagers in the state. But, at the end of the day, you want to prepare before you put your money on the line.

  • Help you find the best baseball betting site in Florida
  • Checking the baseball odds
  • Tips and tricks

Best baseball betting sites in FL


First things first, every bettor needs to establish a Florida baseball sportsbook account (or a couple if you have money to invest). Next, you’ll be looking for legal online baseball site that offer generous welcome offers and sports markets for FL baseball betting. Below, we dive into five of the top Florida baseball sportsbooks for betting.

Baseball betting with Betrivers

Betrivers lets Florida baseball bettors earn a 100% deposit match upon signing up. And, you can look forward to baseball betting markets on their convenient mobile app. This is an excellent baseball sportsbook for beginners.

BetMGM baseball odds

BetMGM is the “king of online sportsbooks,” owing to its amazing site interface and mobile apps. For example, baseball bettors in Florida can bet on baseball markets, including parlays, specials, run spreads, money lines, and more.

Draftkings baseball betting

Draftkings Florida is one of the top online baseball sportsbooks in Florida, and it offers a $1k welcome bonus. Beginner and seasoned baseball bettors alike can enjoy markets for the KBO and NPB. Keep an eye out for great features and benefits.

Baseball betting with Fanduel

Fanduel sportsbook Florida lets bettors enjoy convenient mobile betting, as well as plenty of markets. It’s big on baseball futures, promotions, and odds boosts. We recommend Fanduel for beginner baseball bettors and fans of the sport.

FOX Bet baseball betting

FOX Bet FL is quickly growing in the online sportsbook world. You can bet on the Leagues, and Nippon Pro Baseball in baseball markets. In addition, bettors enjoy the chance to place plenty of money line wagers, run lines, props, and more.

Pros and cons of baseball betting in FL


Once you know what sportsbook you want, it’s good to consider the pros and cons of baseball betting. In Florida, the sportsbooks offered allow you many great betting markets for baseball and MLB betting in FL.

Pros of baseball bets

One of the most significant upsides to baseball betting is that it offers a long season with tons of games to bet on. Not every sport offers this kind of opportunity. With baseball, you can bet on multiple games almost every day, all summer long.

It’s a great chance to keep wagering in other sports offseasons. Further, the fact that there are so many games (oftentimes, teams will play doubleheaders) means lots of markets. You’ll get to bet on various run lines and money lines in a single day, rather than just one.

And of course, one big pro of baseball betting is that you have many exciting futures to take part in. Futures are exciting because they let you follow your wager all season long. In addition, Florida baseball betting arenas offer the chance to bet futures on the series, divisions, and awards.

Cons of baseball betting

One of the main cons of betting on baseball is that it’s easy to put your bankroll in danger. Essentially, the advantage of a huge sports market with games, it can turn into too much of an opportunity. In addition, the temptation to bet on every game or daily games will risk your bankroll and could put you in debt.

Another disadvantage is that baseball is a pretty unpredictable sport to place wagers on. You can follow the stats, but they aren’t as likely to give you valuable insights. Games frequently get canceled due to weather, or players under- or over-perform due to weather and location influences.

And finally, the massive variety in types of bets you can place may throw you off as a bettor. You may find it difficult to know how to choose between various parlays, props, lines, and handicaps. In this case, you are at a disadvantage in your own perspective.

Baseball betting odds Florida


Now that you’re aware of the apparent pros and cons of baseball betting in Florida let’s look at ways to bet. As mentioned above, you have a lot of variety in baseball betting odds markets. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular bets you can place on baseball games.

They include but are not limited to various prop bets (specials), futures, lines, parlays, and more. Florida sports betting is filled with various types of odds markets. Now, let’s dive into the them.

Parlay odds

Parlays are a popular type of bet in many online sports betting arenas. What sets them apart from other bets is the fact that you are combining multiple predictions in one wager. This means that your stakes are automatically raised for each bet you add to the wager.

Although this may seem a little intimidating, it also means that your payout could significantly increase. Parlays often combine outcome-based bets with prop bets. For example, parlays may look like one wager placed on multiple props:

  • X player will make two home runs before the 5th inning
  • X team will win the game
  • There won’t be any home runs after the 5th inning

Prop bets

Prop bets exist in almost every type of sports betting there is. Since they rely on predicting things that will happen during an event, you can get really creative. For example, you don’t actually bet on who will win the game, but rather, what goes on in the meantime.

Prop bets come in many shapes and sizes in baseball since there are so many (innings) within a single game. There are both team props and player props to account for. In baseball betting, some examples of prop bets might include:

  • X number of home runs will happen in the entire game
  • X pitcher will win a certain baseball award
  • There won’t be any runs scored in the first inning
  • X team will be the first team to reach Y runs during the game

Moneylines baseball odds Florida

Moneylines are yet another popular type of sports bet. These bets require a decent knowledge of how odds are set and how they work. Money lines are prediction bets on which team will win a game.

In online baseball betting, sportsbooks set the odds based on a variety of factors, including who people think will win. Each team gets assigned a number starting at 100. One team is negative, and one is positive; your wager and this number determine how much payout you could get.

Run lines

We couldn’t mention baseball money line bets without mentioning run line bets as well. This is a line bet that doesn’t try to determine the winner of the game. Instead, you try and predict how many total runs will happen in an entire game.

Again, the sportsbook sets the odds here and assigns the numbers. You just decide whether you think the total number of runs will fall below or above the sportsbook’s designated number. If you are right in your prediction, you get a payout.


In baseball betting in Florida, you have many opportunities to place future bets. Future, as their name implies, are bets you place on the future outcome of a long-running event, like a series. In baseball betting, you place futures on events like the World Series , playoffs, division winners, MVP award winners, etc.

Note that in baseball, you don’t necessarily have to place your futures at the very beginning of the season. Instead, you can place a future during any time of the season. These bets are fun for beginners since you get to follow along a whole season for your bet.

Grand salamis

This is a unique type of bet you can place on baseball in Florida. Not every baseball sportsbook offers this type of bet, but it’s essentially a combination of all the days over/under wagers. They come together to make a kind of mega-total that you base your over/under bet around.

Bet on baseball in Florida


Now that you know the basics, you can easily make a bet on baseball in Florida, it will benefit you to know some strategies. There are a few ways you can get the upper hand when placing your wagers. Check them out below.

Pay attention to the pitcher’s win-loss record

While this strategy won’t guarantee you’re right, it does give you some insight into how the game will play out. Most people believe that the pitcher carries the game in some ways. So look to see if you have a pitcher with a good win-loss record head to head with a pitcher with a bad record.

If so, there is a good chance of the former performing better. Strategies like these are good for specific bets that have to do with the pitcher, like prop bets.

Pay attention to season streaks

A good rule of thumb in baseball is to look at the winning streaks that are playing out. Teams that are on winning streaks tend to keep winning for longer than teams might in other sports. This can help you decide on outcome-based bets.

Don’t rule out the underdogs

While favored teams and players do perform well, there is also value in following an underdog through a season. First, research their stats and see where they might have an advantage (based on location or other factors). This could help you place a value bet on an underdog.

Baseball betting Florida FAQ

Is baseball betting legal in Florida?

Baseball betting is legal in Florida for individuals who are at least 21 years old, using legalized sportsbooks. In order to prove your age, you’ll need to verify your identity when you sign up for a sportsbook.

How does weather affect baseball in Florida?

In general, it’s good to consider weather conditions before you place a baseball bet. Conditions like strong wind can affect the favored and underdog, depending on which direction it’s blowing.

What is a bankroll in Florida baseball betting?

The term “bankroll” refers to how much money a bettor sets aside for betting. Good bankroll management (not wagering too much or too little) is the key to good betting and avoiding debt.

What is an over/under bet in FL baseball odds?

An over/under bet is when you wager on whether a game total will fall above or below the sportsbook’s set “total.” The game has to complete with a full nine innings for you to make this bet.

What is pennant betting in Florida baseball?

Pennant betting is specific to futures betting. You wager on the teams you think will represent the National League and American League in the World Series. There are several qualifications the teams must meet for you to be right in your pick(s).