Florida NBA Betting

NBA betting in Florida is now legal and sports fans can’t wait to sign up to a sportsbook to place bets online. In this review, we’re going to discuss everything you should know about NBA betting online. We’ll let you know about what bets you can place, the best online betting sites, and more.

Your guide to NBA betting in Florida

NBA betting trends are very popular in Florida sportsbooks. As a fan of the sport, you may be curious about how you can bet online while the game is on. Once you join the right sportsbook for NBA betting, there will be many options to choose from. Learning about the different bets you can place on the NBA betting lines is important too for a good betting experience.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to be prepared for the NBA betting season.

Best sportsbooks for NBA betting in Florida


The first step to NBA betting in Florida is joining a sportsbook. Before you choose a sportsbook for NBA betting, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you always want to make sure that the sports betting site you are using has a license to operate in the state. Basketball betting Florida is here to stay!

You will be required to share personal information to verify you are legal to gamble in Florida, so it’s important that you can trust the website you are using. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the betting market and compare the NBA betting odds. There are some really great sportsbook in Florida, these are some of our recommendations for NBA betting in Florida:

FOX Bet for NBA betting in FL

One of the most popular sportsbooks for NBA betting in Florida is FOX Bet. They are a chain of the FOX media franchise known for a wide betting market, competitive odds, and many chances to win.

Betrivers NBA online betting Florida

Betrivers is a lesser known betting site, but has many great options for NBA betting in Florida. New members can take advantage of their exclusive $250 deposit match welcome bonus.

BetMGM for NBA sportsbook in Florida

BetMGM is one of the most competitive sportsbooks for NBA betting in Florida. Members can start betting right away because the verification process is instant and the payouts are faster than other sports betting sites.

Draftkings for NBA betting FL

If you like to bet on NBA and other events, you may enjoy all the different contests available at DraftKings. They are known for having many promotions, but they also feature daily contests and more ways to win.

Fanduel for NBA betting online in Florida

Many NBA fans like to watch games at pubs and sports bars with their friends. Fanduel has one of the best mobile apps for NBA betting. Players don’t have to worry about their bets not going through in time with this smooth app.

Different types of bets for NBA betting in Florida


Once you decide on a sportsbook to join, you can start focusing on the NBA betting lines. There are many different types of bets you can place for NBA, which makes things very exciting for sports fans. When looking at the NBA betting odds, you’ll likely notice that teams are listed as +/-.

Them + team is the underdog. The sportsbook predicts that they are less likely to win so the odds are higher with them. If you place a bet on the underdog team and they win, the payout will be higher. The – team is the favorite, which is the team that the sportsbook predicts to win.

This is key for your Florida sports betting picks. Now that you’re aware of NBA odds, let’s take a look at the different types of bets you can place.

Moneylines: NBA betting in Florida

The simplest type of bet to understand for NBA betting is moneylines. The only thing the bettor needs to focus on is who wins the game. For this bet, they will place a wager on which team they believe will win. If the team you choose wins the game, then you win the moneylines bet. Nothing else will affect the outcome of this bet.

NBA point spread betting FL

Betting against the spread is a very popular choice for betting on NBA games. The sportsoboks will set a spread which will state how many points the favorite team will need to win by in order for the bettors to see a payout. If people bet against the spread and put their money with the underdog they could see a big win.

In order to win this bet by betting on the favorite team, that team will need to score above a certain amount of points. However, if you put your money with the underdogs and they win, you will see a payout no matter how many points they won by.

NBA totals (over/ under) betting Florida

Totals are a different way to have fun with NBA betting lines. The sportsbook will use statistics to predict a total score for the game (which will be both teams scores added together). Bettors will have the opportunity to predict if the score will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction.

NBA props bets in Florida

There are many different things that could happen during the game that people can bet on. This give people an opportunity to bet on things other than the final score. Some examples of NBA props bets could be:

  • Which team scores first
  • If the game goes into overtime
  • Which team will win the first half
  • Will the final score be odd or even
  • Margin of victory for the winning team ; more

NBA futures Florida betting

At the beginning of the NBA season, there will be the option to bet on futures. This is where you can predict which team you think will win the NBA finals. It’s always a good idea to get futures bets in as early as possible. This is because the odds are always higher before the season starts. The odds will be locked in once you place your bet.

NBA live betting in Florida

Just because the game has started, doesn’t mean you can’t place any NBA bets. Most sportsbooks will have options for NBA live bets. These will be different live prop bets that will be available in the sportsbook as the game goes on. There’s one important rule when it comes to live bets. You have to be fast.

Since live bets are focused on things that are happening while the game is in action, the bets are typically only available for a short time. This means that once a bet appears, it may only be there for a few seconds. If you want to place a live bet, you will have to be quick to ensure the bet makes it in.

How to have a good experience with NBA betting in Florida


If you want to see more wins when you are wagering on the NBA betting lines, then you need to think about your strategy. Every bettor should keep themselves up to date with NBA players and matches to ensure they are making an informed bet. This means knowing of any player’s injuries and key statistics about how they play.

However, keeping yourself informed on NBA teams is only half of the strategy. There are more things you need to focus on to make accurate bets.

NBA load management

When the NBA season is in action, pay close attention to when the teams are playing. You may start to notice that some teams are scheduled to play two nights in a row. This is a good time to take advantage of the betting lines. Even if they are one of the best teams in the league, when a team plays back-to-back nights they will get tired.

You may even notice some teams get scheduled to play for 3 or 4 nights in a row. This is a good time to place your wagers on the opposite team. It’s very tiring for an athlete to perform multiple nights in a row, which is why they likely won’t be performing their best.

NBA teams that perform well away from home

This is one trick that Florida bettors didn’t know about. Always pay attention to how teams play when they are in their home court vs when they are away. You may notice that most teams perform better on their home court. The reason behind this is because of the fans. Many home fans come in to show their support, where the road team doesn’t have any.

Since the home team always has the advantage of the audience rooting for them, it’s a good idea to pay attention to which teams aren’t affected by that. If a team can still perform their very best without being affected by everyone else cheering for the other guys, they are a good team to watch.

Once you start paying attention to this, you can use this strategy to your advantage. You will have a better idea of how to pick out which teams don’t do well when the crowd isn’t on their side.

Can you trust that NBA betting line?

When you become more familiar with NBA betting lines, you will likely start to notice many NBA betting trends. Every once in a while you may spot a betting line that looks too good to be true. Before getting too excited, you need to think about the reason behind this NBA betting odds.

A sportsbook isn’t in the game of just handing out money to thousands of bettors. There is usually a reason why they posted this betting line, and they likely are aware of how many people will be placing bets on it. If a betting line seems like an easy win, there’s a good chance that it isn’t. You may actually have better luck if you bet against this line.

Don’t ignore middling

When you’re betting on NBA games, you may notice opportunities come up to place bets for the second half of the game. This is called middling and it’s a great way to win big. If the team that was initially listed as the favorite is losing, they may create new betting lines for the second half.

If you initially bet on the underdog and notice the odds switch for the second half, you could see a big win by also placing a bet on the team that was initial listed as the favorite. This way your intialy bets still stays and you’ll see a win regardless.

Florida NBA Betting FAQ

Is NBA betting online legal in Florida?

It is now legal to place bets online for all sports in Florida, including NBA. You must be 21 years or older and within the state of Florida to place bets online.

What is the best type of NBA bet for new bettors in Florida?

If it’s your first time placing bets online for NBA, we recommend starting with a straightforward bet. Moneylines and totals are both very straightforward bets that are a great area for new gamblers to start out with. You should avoid complicated bets until you are more familiar with the betting lines.

Can you place parlay bets on NBA events in Florida?

Some sportsbooks will have many options for NBA picks and parlays. This is where you can place multiple wagers into one bet. Each wager you place is called a parlay leg, and every leg must be predicted correctly to win.

Is NBA betting in Florida risky?

Every type of bet has a risk to it because there is no guaranteed way to win. Many NBA bets are considered low risk because the player is in charge of how much they bet, and they won’t lose more than they wagered.

Are there bonuses for NBA betting in Florida?

One good thing about online sportsbooks is that there are often new promotions and offers. Depending on which sportsbook you join, you may come across bonuses for NBA betting. These deals often appear once the season starts.