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Florida sports betting promos

Online betting is even more exciting with the addition of promos and other offers. Today, we’ll teach you about Florida sports betting promos, starting with our top highlighted betting promos in the state.

All Florida sports betting promos

We have taken upon ourselves to compare Florida sports betting promos online. Next, we’ll dive into how betting promos work and which types you can find in the Sunshine State for comparison. Finally, we’ll discuss the different sports, pro teams, and events that are specific to promos in Florida. Keep reading to learn about all of the above, as well as answers to FAQs.

Start with Florida betting promotions

To start with Florida betting promotions, following our handy guide can be easy. Most Florida betting promos are aquired either with a special code, or offered directly to you, the bettor via the operators site or platform. Keep an eye out for offers that you can use.

Best Florida sportsbook promos


The first thing we’ll cover is our list of the best Florida sportsbook promos. Choosing a licensed and regulated state sportsbook is one of the first steps in joining the Florida sports betting world. These four highlighted sites are host to some of the best Florida sportsbook promos, including boosted odds, parlay insurance, and more.

BetMGM promotions

BetMGM is an online and mobile site featuring promos like free-to-play games and free bets. Some of the sports you’ll see promos for include football (NFL), where you’ll see special offers like halftime early payout.

There are also college (NCAAF) football promos, like one-game parlay insurance. Furthermore, you can avail of a free bet once a week if you meet eligibility spending requirements. They are a great promo provider for fans of football promos.

Caesars sports betting promos

Caesars Sportsbook is a popular place for sports bettors who want to take part in large wagering opportunities. They advertises Florida betting promos such as free bet offers and risk-free wagers.

Aside from these promos, however, you’ll also find boosts and profit boosts for different game lines . As a partner of the NFL, NBA, and NHL, the brand is an exciting operator for taking part in promos.

DraftKings betting promos

DraftKings has several betting promos to offer in Florida, such as a refer-a-friend free bet and pools. Certain promos at the platform are sport-specific, such as PGA match pools and profit boosts for Champions League same-game parlays.

You’re also eligible for a one-time free bet offer when you first create a account. You can avail of this promo for NFL, NBA, college football, or college basketball wagers.

FOX Bet betting promos

Finally, FOX Bet is home to several betting promos. Punters can choose from offers like college basketball parlay insurance, NFL same-game parlay credits, and NHL parlay insurance.

There are also special promos for NFL events, like enhanced types and risk-free bets. They are one of the sites on this list that probably has the biggest promo variety of promos.

Florida sports betting promo codes


Florida sports betting promo codes are pretty easy to acquire, but somewhat harder to use. Many one-time promos require betting promo codes in Florida. These are promos you enter when you sign up for an account and avail a new customer offer. Refer-a-friend promos also sometimes require the referred friend to enter a promo code.

But not every type of promo needs a code. Some promos are opt-in offers, where you simply join if you’re eligible. Other Florida sportsbooks promo codes are on the basis that you meet the deposit minimum first.

Best FL betting promo code

Either way, once you avail of a Florida promo, you need to fully read the T;Cs before beginning. Terms of FL betting promo codes often entail:

  • Limited time restraints
  • The expiration date for the offer
  • Minimum/maximum deposit amounts
  • Rollover requirements
  • Details on eligibility requirements and which sports events you can wager on

Once you complete your promo’s wager and rollover requirements, you can get your winnings in the specified time frame.

Special wagering promos Florida


There are several different types of Florida promos to use at Florida sportsbooks. Beyond just free bets and boosts, there are some offers you might not be aware of. Refer-a-friend, VIP, and reduced juice promos are some of the exciting offers you’ll find at sites like in our top list. We’ll explain how each of these promos works and their relative values below.

Florida refer-a-friend promos

First off, let’s look at referral betting promos, which may benefit you or you and your referred friend. The reward offered with referral promos is usually some kind of free bet (sometimes worth up to $100). Here’s how refer-a-friend promos generally work:

  • You sign up for an account
  • You refer your friend to sign up for an account at the same site
  • Your friend signs up
  • You and your friend make at least one deposit
  • You (or both of you) get a site credit to use as a free bet

Now, refer-a-friend promos don’t always work the exact same way. Like many Florida betting promos, this offer might be specific to one sport or open to any sports wager. Further, you might not have to wait for the referred friend to deposit before you get your free bet offer. Your site’s terms and conditions will tell you the exact stipulations.

Reduced juice promos in FL

Reduced juice promos are another exciting type of promo but aren’t quite as common as other Florida sports betting promos. Reduced juice (also known as vigorish) refers to a slash in the commission that the site gets. When you place a winning bet, your operator has a right to take a commission of your profit. This commission is vig/vigorish/juice.

So, essentially, a reduced juice promo is an opportunity to get back more of your profit than you would otherwise. A lot of promo betting sites use these promos as a marketing tool to attract new customers.

Of course, the odds won’t always be so inherently in your favor as they are with the promo. You’ll have to adapt to the bets becoming a little less fair after the offer ends. However, reduced juice promos still prove to be very valuable for winning bettors.

Florida boosted odds promos

Boosted promos are pretty straightforward. They’re sometimes referred to as “odds boosts” or “enhanced odds”. Boosts are when you bet on a money line, spread, total, prop, parlay, or other markets with increased options. Increasing the odds essentially increases potential profit and moves the type in the favor of the bettor.

Boosted promos are actually pretty similar to reduced juice promos. Boosted odds typically get featured at a betting site for a limited time period on popular sports events. It’s common to see boosted promos for events like the Super Bowl or March Madness games.

VIP/Loyalty Club promos

There are certain Florida betting promos that are just for exclusive loyalty or VIP members. Some FL betting apps feature VIP membership or Loyalty Club opportunities and often make them invite-only.

Loyalty clubs work in the sense that you keep working your way up the ranks at the site. The more you wager and use site features, the higher your loyalty status will be. Eventually, you become eligible for special promos and offers for sports wagers.

VIP memberships are similar, but usually, you have to receive an invitation from the site to join. For example, DraftKings Sportsbook Florida has a VIP membership (the “royal treatment”). You get offers for personalized contests, enhanced promos, and other opportunities that other customers don’t.

Florida online promos

Ongoing Florida online betting promotions come in different shapes and sizes. While certain Florida online betting promos are one-off opportunities (like event promos), you can use ongoing promos multiple times. Some sites feature promos that happen every week on a certain day of the week.

For example, there might be a “Tuesday” promo for bettors who spent a certain amount the previous week. You can take advantage of ongoing free bets or other promos with these offers.

Other ongoing Florida bonuses include daily free-to-play pools where you can win cash prizes. Enhanced and boosted types for Florida online betting promos also come around frequently for different events. Usually, ongoing promos aren’t going to be as high-value as one-time offers. The sites can’t afford to offer huge promos on an ongoing basis.

Sports featured in betting promos Florida


Professional sports are some of the most common sports you’ll see among betting promos Florida. Specifically, promos often get advertised for NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB events. You’ll also see some promos for college sports wagers. However, we’re going to focus mainly on Florida’s professional teams that often have promos and what those promos are.

Florida betting Miami Dolphins promos

Florida is home to several professional football teams, but the Miami Dolphins are one of the most popular. As a part of the NFL, you can wager on the Dolphins in various betting promos.

There are frequently boosted promos for money lines, spreads, and totals bets for NFL wagers. You’ll also find parlay promos and more for NFL markets in Florida. Additionally, punters can take part in reduced juice promos for Miami Dolphins NFL games from time to time.

FL betting Tampa Bay Rays promos

Florida betting promos also extend to professional baseball. Fans of the Tampa Bay Rays can wager on their team’s MLB games and get special offers. Common promos for MLB include enhanced , parlay promos, free bet offers, and daily free to play pools.

Furthermore,  sites often feature event-specific promos for the MLB World Series. When this is going on, you can wager on the Rays as a part of special promos.

Miami Heat promos Florida

Next up we have NBA Florida sports betting promos. The Miami Heat is one of the biggest teams in the NBA and is very popular among sports bettors. When it comes time for NBA Playoffs, event promos will start ramping up.

You’ll also find that NBA promos are commonly marked as enhanced or boosted, as well as reduced juice promos. Players can also avail of free bet promos for NBA markets, wagering on the Heat in the process.

Tampa Bay Lightning promos in FL

Florida’s famed professional ice hockey team represents the Atlantic Division of the NHL. Florida betting promos for NHL aren’t quite as common as promos for other professional sports.

However, you’ll still find some event-specific promos for NHL events, like those in the Stanley Cup. You’ll also find other promotions, like free bets and risk-free bets, when you wager on the Lightning.

Florida betting event promos


Aside from the promos that are specific to professional teams, there are also some specific to events. After all, events like March Madness (NCAAB) and the Super Bowl are some of the most exciting of the year. It only makes financial sense for opeartors to line up promos with these long-awaited championships.

Special Florida betting event promos include enhanced odds and reduced juice promos for championship game lines. Or, you might see a parlay promo for the tournament games leading up to the Super Bowl. For example: win 2 legs of a 3-5 leg NFL parlay and get a free bet credit.

Other events rally in sports betting promos, too, like The Olympics, PGA Tour, the World Series, and the Stanley Cup.

FAQ Florida sports betting promos

What are rollover requirements for Florida sports betting promos?

Rollover requirements are the number of times you must wager before you can cash out winnings from a promo. For example, a 4X requirement means you have to bet the promo money/deposit four times before withdrawing. Rollover requirements are more common for large promos like welcome risk-free bet offers.

How old do I have to be to use Florida promos?

Punters must be at least 21 years old to take part in Florida promos offers.

Are Florida sports betting promos risk-free?

Despite the way some get advertised, no gambling activity is truly risk-free. Sports betting promos carry risk due to rollover requirements, minimum deposit rules, and the fact that you’re wagering money.

What’s the best FL sportsbook for promos?

This depends on what types of promos you’re looking for (which sport or team do you want to wager on?). You can compare the promos at different sites before joining.

Do Florida betting promos have rules?

Yes, each promo has a set of terms and conditions you must follow to be fully eligible for the offer.