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New Sportsbooks in Florida

New sportsbooks is legal in the state of Florida, and bettors need to know where to take their wagers. In this guide, we introduce you to new sportsbooks available in Florida. In addition, you’ll learn about the history of how new sports betting finally made it to Florida.

Completely new sports betting in Florida

Sports betting has not always been a possibility in the state of Florida. But, like many US states, the journey towards legalized new sports betting has been a long one. And progress is finally starting to pan out in the form of new betting sites.

The thing about sports betting legalization is that legislation must pass on the state level. There are often hang-ups among voters and within the legislative sphere that get in the way of passing bills. And, of course, there are also negotiations with tribes in Florida that affect the legalization process.

Find new sportsbooks Florida

But in the past few years, legislation has been expanding to encompass the online sports betting we know in Florida.

We’ll discuss the best new betting sites to choose from. Further, we’ll explain why these new sportsbooks in FL are so popular, as well as the benefits of using them. Finally, stick around to the end to learn answers to FAQs about the new betting sites Florida Florida has.

Best new betting sites in Florida


And, of course, we couldn’t talk about the benefits of new betting sites in Florida without talking about site offers. But, of course, these are what most people think of when they imagine new sports betting. The exciting welcome offers are just the tip of the iceberg, though.

At Florida’s new betting sites, you can take advantage of risk-free first bets, deposit matches, as well as other betting promos. And beyond the intro period, you can also avail yourself of regular offers. These opportunities usually happen every week.

They often look like odds boosts (or enhanced odds), parlay insurance, overtime insurance, small risk-free bets, and more. And aside from the rewards, these sites also offer rewards opportunities. Some of the most exciting rewards include rewards points programs, as well as VIP invite-only memberships.

New sports offerings

When you start with new betting, you’ll want to know what the best new Florida sportsbooks are to take your wagers to. The good thing is that there are plenty of new options out there, but this can also make the choice difficult. Below, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best new Florida betting sites.

You’ll find brief descriptions of their best features and perks. Because knowing what new site you want to wager at is only the beginning of the exciting world of new sports betting.

FOX Bet Florida New betting site

At Fox Bet Florida, you have your pick of popular professional sports markets, as well as more than one dozen other sports. In addition, bettors can take part in exciting features like live betting, regular offers, and risk-free offer. It’s a great place for betting on mainstream sports, but not so much for more obscure ones.

New Betrivers sports betting in Florida

At Betrivers, sports bettors can look forward to these leading offers: rewards, offers, a help center, and a support chat. They value customer support, and you have great opportunities to make your deposits count.

BetMGM New Florida sportsbook

BetMGM may be new to Florida, but it’s not new in the US. This site has garnered a reputation for being one of the best. And there’s a clear reason why.

At BetMGM, you have more than 20 sports to bet on, from football and golf to auto racing and more. Take advantage of the exciting mobile sports betting features and so much more.

Draftkings New sports betting site FL

Draftkings FL is impressive with its generous sign-up offer worth up to $1,000. But once the welcome period ends, you still have great chances to bet on professional sports, among others. Take advantage of the live betting features, VIP membership, and other unique options here.

Fanduel New sportsbook Florida

Florida bettors have much to enjoy at Fanduel, where there are big rewards, odds boosts and other great features. In addition, there are lots of markets for each sport featured at Fanduel, and you get a big risk-free bet offer. Fanduel is another great site for mobile betting, as well.

Of course, with this variety in markets comes just as wide variety in sports categories. For example, new sportsbooks in Florida offer rewards of choice between both professional and college sports. And in most cases, you’re looking at more than just the popular, mainstream sports.

Aside from the typical football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and soccer, you get to wager all kinds of sports. Bettors can bet on horse racing, auto racing, and greyhound racing, as well as water sports, virtual sports, and esports. As you can see, there isn’t much limiting you when you join these sites.

The advantage here is that anything you could want to bet on with new rewards at your fingertips. And you don’t have to bend over backward to find the markets you wish to. Instead, it’s as simple as using a search bar or menu to navigate to the sport of your choice.

Compare benefits of new betting sites FL


There are many benefits to using new betting sites in Florida. Namely, new online sportsbooks provide gambling opportunities that you just don’t get in brick-and-mortar establishments. In addition, these sites have instant customer support, quick processing periods for deposits and withdrawals, as well as tons of markets available.

New Online sportsbook customer support

One of the greatest advancements in online gambling comes in the form of customer support. Many new sites in Florida have excellent and convenient features to help you while placing wagers. In addition, you can take advantage of options like help pages, FAQ pages, as well as 24/7 live customer support.

And most of the sites are offering at least one form of around-the-clock customer service for their members. This means you could bet from your desktop or mobile device any time of day, and someone will help you. That’s not something you’d necessarily get at an in-person gambling location.

Funding at new sportsbooks

Another great reason to join new sports betting sites in Florida is that they have convenient processes. Of course, you have to shop around to find the sites that best suit your financial needs. But we think you’ll find that most new sportsbooks provide a level of convenience you’ll like.

Starting with deposits, you’ll find that new sportsbooks make it easy by offering multiple banking methods. You can use e-wallets, checks, online transfers, credit, debit, and more. And generally speaking, you’ll be looking at quick to instantaneous processing times for these methods.

Then, there are withdrawals to think about. Again, new betting sites have you covered since they also offer various methods to choose from. The one main thing to look out for is the set of limits or minimums placed on withdrawals and deposits.

Again, you aren’t always going to find this level of convenience when it comes to wagering in person. Thus, we find that new betting sites are the way to go.

Good New odds

One thing you might not have thought about was the opportunity for good odds. New sportsbooks in Florida often set their own odds. This means that depending on what new sportsbook you choose, you could be looking at totally different lines.

One reason this is good is that you get the chance to shop around at different new sites. You may even find that you want to join multiple new FL sportsbooks. This way, you can see which site has the best odds at other times.

Another reason that new sportsbooks have good odds online is that they offer various markets at a given time. So for just a single NFL game, you get to browse through dozens of markets at once. Knowing you have options is a good thing; just be sure to choose quality over quantity.

New Mobile sports betting FL

Speaking of convenience, new betting sites in Florida offer yet another feature to make things easy. Mobile sports betting is still relatively new, but it takes new online sportsbooks to the next level. Mobile betting apps are typically compatible with both Androids and iOS devices, and they take gambling on the go.

Most of the new betting sites have at least one app; they often offer the same features as the website. Some of these even offer live betting features or live streaming. So just imagine what type of on-the-go betting experience you could have there.

You’ll get to make deposits and withdrawals, create personalized bets, and unlock your new rewards. Mobile betting is one of the best advancements to come with new betting sites, and we recommend it.

New technology and interface

It’s incredible what kind of interface websites can bring to users these days. For example, when you open up an new sportsbook, you’ll find that everything is conveniently laid out in order.

You have a sidebar with your submenus to find different sports to bet on. And of course, there are search bars if you can’t find what you need. And aside from all of this, the sites often have live stats updating on their homepages.

The user interface is all about making things easy for the user, and new Florida sportsbooks succeed here.

Conclusion of new sports betting sites FL


With the legalization of Florida sports betting, we recommend some of the best new sports betting sites in the state. Among BetMGM, FOX Bet, Betrivers, Draftkings, and Fanduel, you’ll find some of the most exciting new features of sports betting.

The journey to legal sports betting in Florida has been long, but now you can fully enjoy it. We recommend new betting sites for their wide array of features and benefits. I look forward to convenient methods, easy mobile betting, exciting offers, as well as variety in sports and markets.

Features of new betting sites FL

And we can’t overlook some of the great features of new betting sites. These sites have unique features built-in to make betting easy. One of the coolest is the bet slip feature.

Bet slips actually allow you to keep track of your settled and open wagers virtually. And there are also cool features like live streaming and stats updates for the most up-to-date info on events. And further, new betting sites often let bettors switch between odds display preferences for your convenience.

Beyond these options, though, some exciting new advancements in new sportsbook features include customized bets. New sportsbooks that offer this feature let users build custom parlays and other bets. You basically get to mix and match, which is often available for mobile betting, too.

New sports betting sites Florida FAQ

Are Florida’s new betting sites legal to use?

Yes, the sites mentioned in this guide have licenses and regulations behind them. And sports betting is legal throughout Florida. So as long as you are at least 21 years old and located in Florida, you can use them.

Can you legally bet on horse racing in Florida?

Yes, horse racing is one of many sports offered at legal new online sportsbooks in Florida. However, not every new sportsbook offers horse racing markets. Consult your new sportsbook’s homepage to browse their unique offering of available sports betting markets.

What information do I have to provide to FL new betting sites?

When you sign up for a new sportsbook, you’ll have to provide a bit of personal information for identity verification. Most sites ask for your name, address, email address, phone number, SSN, and a valid form of ID. Additionally, you will have to set up geolocation tracking services so the new sportsbook can verify you’re in FL.

What sports can I bet on at FL new sportsbooks?

The opportunities are almost endless at new betting sites in terms of sports categories. Most sites offer dozens of markets, including college and pro sports, obscure sports like snooker, virtual sports betting, and esports.

Do new sportsbooks always pay you your winnings?

Yes, as long as a site has regulations, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about getting fast payouts. The only reasons you wouldn’t be if you incorrectly wagered or the new sportsbook messed up the odds on your bet.