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Event Betting Florida

With sports betting legal in the state, event betting in Florida is also here. Here, we’ll review event betting, including the best places in Florida to bet on events. We’ll also review the most popular events to bet on and bets you’ll be able to make.

Entering the world of event betting in Florida

Event betting in Florida is very similar to general sports betting. In fact, event betting includes major sports events. But event betting goes beyond the Super Bowl or World Series.

Here, we’ll review everything to know about event betting. Then, we’ll discuss the best sportsbooks in Florida that offer event betting and how to find the perfect sportsbook for you.

It’s also essential to review the types of events available for betting and get familiar with some of the wagering terms related to event betting in Florida. Then, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Best event betting in Florida


You’ll be doing the majority of your event betting on online sportsbooks that have been approved for business in Florida. The good news: each has a lot to offer, both new bettors and seasoned gamblers. Here are a few of the top options.

Fanduel event betting in Florida

Fanduel, long popular in the world of fantasy sports, earns high marks for its sleek, attractive web and app design and for its easily searchable lineup of bet types for both sports and events.

The number of sports available is really comprehensive, with a little bit of something for all types of bettors.

Draftkings betting on Florida events

Another recognizable name in sports is Draftkings, and the company capitalizes on its built-in audience with a top-notch sportsbook.

Its sign-up bonuses are superb, and we particularly appreciate the comprehensive and inventive betting options, especially within football and basketball.

BetMGM betting on events FL

BetMGM comes from the gambling powerhouse of MGM Resorts International, and that professionalism is extended to its sportsbook.

We appreciate the competitive bonuses and odds, as well as its intuitive mobile app.

Betrivers betting in FL

Betrivers may be more well known for its casino offers, but its sportsbook is nothing to sneeze at.

There are frequent bonuses, great customer service, and a very comprehensive range of sports markets covered, including those popular abroad, such as rugby, motorsports, and cricket.

FOX Bet event betting in Florida

A relative newbie in the online sportsbook world, FOX Bet has already made a splash with its great promotions for new bettors, frequent enhanced odds for sporting events, and a range of fun bonuses depending on the day.

What is betting on events in FL?


Event betting is lumped into sports betting because they share similar characteristics. Many of the same odds are used, and you’ll find betting offerings related to events on Florida sportsbooks.

There are also major sporting events that are popular as event betting options. These include the NFL’s Super Bowl, NCAA’s March Madness, and soccer’s World Cup.

Betting on events goes beyond the most prominent sporting tournaments. Think of the most significant events of the year in entertainment, and you’ll likely hit on events that are popular in the world of event betting.

Event betting can be found in the music, movie, and TV industries and is tied to niche sports. There’s even event betting tied to major current events.

But before we get into the ever-widening world of event betting, we should review the types of sportsbooks in Florida where you can find a litany of event betting.

How to sign up for a sportsbook offering event betting in Florida

While each sportsbook is different from the others, the sign-up process is accessible across the board.

Once you’ve pinpointed one sportsbook (or more) in Florida you’d like to bet with, you create an account by entering some basic personal information that verifies your age (you either have to be 18 or 21 in Florida, depending on where you’re betting) and your address.

You may be asked for additional documentation to verify your identity. Once you get an email confirmation and you confirm, you’re ready to bet.

Popular event betting in Florida

Just like there’s a sportsbook for every betting taste in Florida, event betting offers action on a range of sporting events, entertainment events, news events, and even events still to come. Florida sports betting provides citizens in FL with the opportunity to bet online .

Sports event betting in Florida


One of the most significant segments in event betting is wagering on some of the most important events in sports. Of course, this includes the big tournaments and championship games.

Super Bowl

NFL’s Super Bowl is arguably the largest sporting event for betting. All major sportsbooks in Florida offer wagers related to the Super Bowl, including straightforward bets on who will win and over/under bets related to the final combined score.

There’s even futures event betting tied to the Super Bowl that often begins as a football season starts.

With futures betting, you can bet on which team will win the big game far in advance. In addition, futures betting comes with more considerable odds, leading to a huge payoff if your pick ends up on top.

World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s biggest soccer event, held every four years and lasting for about a month.

The betting is fierce and comprehensive for the long-lasting World Cup and includes point spread betting on how many points a team will win (or lose) by and fun totals bets, such as the number of goals that will be scored in the final.

Prop bets are also big for the World Cup, tied to a particular player’s performance or random aspects of the games, like which team will score the first goal in a game. And, as with the Super Bowl, future bets are also significant for the World Cup.

March Madness

The NCAA’s March Madness is another biggie in event betting since it boasts a rabid fanbase and a large-scale tournament involving dozens of college basketball teams.

The tournament itself is typically unpredictable, which makes even Moneyline betting exciting. Prop betting is popular for March Madness, as is parlay betting, where you can group multiple types of wagers into one big bet known as the parlay.

In a March Madness parlay, you can bet on multiple games using different types of wagers, but all of your bets must be successful for you to win the parlay. Other marquee sports events popular with bettors include the Olympics, racing’s Triple Crown, the Masters Tournament in golf, and big-name UFC matches.

Entertainment event betting in Florida

Even if you’re not big on sports, event betting has a lot to offer. Movies, TV, video games, and other pop culture events. Here are a few popular options.

Movies, TV, and music betting

Ever been to an Oscar party? There’s the same vibe with event betting for movies, which commonly revolves around the biggest award shows of the season, especially the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

Bettors can wager on the winners of the top acting awards or which film will take home the most overall honors.

Awards betting is also big for music. Most sportsbooks will have wagers tied to the Grammys or other songwriting awards where you can wager on who will take home the top prizes of the year.

An increasingly popular betting option in entertainment is tied to television. Reality television has an enduring following, and there are odds frequently posted for competition shows such as “Survivor,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “American Idol,” everything from who will win the overall season to who will go home next. Non-reality TV gets in on the betting action, too.

Popular cultural touchstone shows such as “Game of Thrones” have had odds tied to what-happens-next categories.

Shows with solid followings frequently are showcased by oddsmakers, especially word-of-mouth addictive dramas like “Big Little Lies” and long-running comedies like “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Other forms of event betting in Florida

News and culture milestones, such as the Nobel Prize, beauty pageants, and book awards like the Man Booker Prize, are often highlighted for bettors looking to try their hand at something different.

Have a favorite to win the Nobel Prize in Physics? There are odds waiting for you.

Event betting in Florida FAQ

What event bonuses can I expect?

The most frequent event bonus available is a welcome or sign-up bonus, which comes in the form of a unique code when you register with a sportsbook. These are often in the form of deposit matches or free bets.

Can I bet on the U.S. presidential election?

It’s tempting, but no. In the United States, it is illegal to place wagers on the outcome of a presidential election.

What is the best event bet for me to make?

It depends on your comfort level. New event bettors frequently start with money line bets, where you’re placing a simple wager on who will win a game outright. More advanced bettors will try parlays or round-robin betting.

What if I need help with event betting?

The best event sportsbooks in Florida offer extensive customer service help, including a phone number, contact email, and often live chatting.

Is there a benefit to wagering on multiple event betting sites?

Many event sites also offer rundowns of betting terminology and searchable databases where you can find answers to common questions.