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Florida Betting Odds

Florida betting odds might look strange to new bettors. That’s why we’re here with a look at what they mean and how you can place your first bets today. We’ve also got a lineup of the 5 best odds operators to bet with, giving you all you need to start betting on your favorite sports events today.

Before we get to Florida betting odds

Before we get to the odds, we’ll first get to the top 5 Florida odds platforms. Knowing where to place your bet is a big part of betting. Then, we’ll get into how to read betting odds and the types of sports bets you can make once you have an account.

Against the odds

Understanding Florida betting odds and how they can help you make the most out of your betting is key to making better bets and growing your bankroll as you learn the ropes. So, without further ado, let’s get to the first thing, the top odds platforms.

Best odds sportsbooks in Florida


One of the most essential parts of betting is choosing the place to make bets. So we’ve lined up 5 of the best Florida sports betting sites today.

FOX Bet odds

FOX Bet Florida has excellent betting odds and a solid welcome offer. When you sign up for FOX Bet, you’ll have sports markets like basketball, football, golf, and more all at your fingertips. To make bets, simply log on and choose the bets you want to make from your PC or the mobile app betting Florida option.

BetRivers odds

BetRivers Florida is a big name in sports betting that’s been on the web for a few years. During their time, they’ve caught attention because of their promos and bonuses, along with their sports betting odds.

BetMGM betting odds

BetMGM Florida has been in the business for decades, earning a name as one of the best online odds provider around. They have a ton of sports betting markets and a number of payment methods to choose from, including e-wallets and credit cards.

DraftKings odds

DraftKings Florida is known as one of the largest names in fantasy sports betting. They offer all sports markets and even have tournaments happening on their site each and every day. If you’re looking for something more interactive, DraftKings is where it’s at.

FanDuel sports betting odds

FanDuel Florida is another solid choice for great betting odds in Florida, known for its competitive offers and welcome bonuses. In addition, they have a unique betting system that is there to promote more interactive betting and tournaments often happening for members to go up against one another.

How to Read Betting Odds


Florida betting odds might look strange the first time you lay eyes on them. There is usually a positive or negative sign in front of a number and you’re supposed to know what it means before you place a bet on it. For starters, let’s say you have something like this:

  • The Florida Mariners -400
  • The New York Yankees +200

Looking at these odds, you can tell a few things before you bet. First, you can see that the Mariners are favored and that the Yankees are the underdog. Then, on top of that, you can calculate how much you’ll have to pay to place a wager and how much you will win if your pick is successful.

So, let’s use $100. If you go with the Mariners, you’ll have to pay $400 to bet on them to win $100. So, you’re paid $500, $400 for your win, and your $100 wager if you’re successful. If you decide to take the underdog, you can bet $100. If they win, you’ll score a total of $300, $200 for the win, and your $100 wager.

As you can see, choosing the best odds is key to better betting, choosing high odds and putting your money where it will most likely result in a win.

Types of sports betting Florida odds


Every single sports betting market in Florida has odds attached with it. The odds are listed on the platform where you’re betting, and you can browse through them before you place your bets on anything. The types of odds you’ll run into when you go to make your first bet are listed below, along with a look at how they work.

The Moneyline

The most popular bet in sports betting is the Moneyline. This is basically a bet to pick the overall winner of a match. Just like our example above, most odds providers will have chosen one team that’s favored to win and another that’s considered the underdog.

Depending on the odds released by the operator, you’ll get those odds locked in when you take your pick and choose the team that you think is going to win the match. When betting on the outright winner, you will need to bet the amount listed in the odds.

Using our example from above, you’d need to put down $400 to win $100 for the Mariners and $100 to $200 for the Yankees. This is one of the most popular bets and one of the easiest to make, which is why you should consider it.

The points spread

Before matches, odds platforms also release a points spread. This spread has both teams and considers the final score. Most of the time, a points spread will have something like this: Mariners -15 (-100) and Yankees +15 (+110).

This means that, in order to win, the Mariners would have to win by at least 15 points. The same is the Yankees, who lost by at least 15 points. This bet generally comes with lower odds, as it could be a more straightforward bet to gauge than choosing the overall winner.

The over and under

The over and under bet is one that also takes a look at the points scored. This time, it looks at the total scored in the entire game by both teams. So, for example, you may see something like Yankees and Mariners 60 (-100).

When you see these odds, you have two choices that you can make. You can either choose that the teams will score more than 60 or less than 60. This is a great bet to make and combine with other bets, allowing you to diversify your choices.

The props bet

Props bets are fun and cover a wide range of things that can happen in a game. Some of them can focus on individual players, and others can take a look at the entire team.

There are even props bets about who will make the first score and whether or not a player will get hurt. Other props bets look at yardage, overall points, injuries, uniforms, and just about anything else under the sun.

The futures bet

Futures bets are usually reserved for the final matches of the season. Most of these bets are for things like the Super Bowl, The Final Four, and the World Series. Betting on a future event takes some research and understanding of how the season will play out. For example, if you think a team will go all the way and they don’t, you could wind up losing your entire bet.

The parlay bet

Parlays are there to allow you to make multiple bets in one go. Most of the time, parlays pay out much more than other bets, which is why they are popular amongst bettors.

Factors to consider when choosing odds


When calculating odds, Florida sportsbooks take a lot into consideration. They not only look at past matchups, but they also take several other things into account to give bettors the most accurate look at what’s going to happen with the match.


One of the biggest things that could affect the odds is news about an injury, especially if it’s one of the star players. Injuries to one key player could mean that the team doesn’t play as well as expected and winds up losing when they were expected to win. So, if there is a new injury, you’re likely to see the odds shift.


While this has nothing to do with the players, it has everything to do with how they perform. The field can get more slippery when it rains and sometimes, players from one state are not used to the weather in another state. Changes in the weather will change odds completely, which could change the way you bet.

Early betting

When matches gain popularity, bettors from all around flood odds platforms to make their bets. When there are a large number of bettors betting one way, they create a surge causing the platform to change their odds.

A few odds betting tips


Before you take off, we’ll leave you with a few tips to amp up your betting strategies. We scooped these up from expert bettors that know a thing or two about betting on sports events.

  1. Do your homework

First and foremost, you should do your homework. Then, take a look at those key things that affect odds like injuries, weather, and early betting, choosing wisely when you place your wagers on one team or another.

Take a look at analysts and sports enthusiasts for a good idea about what’s going on with each team and each individual before you bet.

  1. Choose a solid odds provider in Florida

It’s not just about how you bet but where you bet as well. It’s recommended to choose a odds site that is legit and offers competitive odds and great welcome offers. We gave you a list of the top 5 on the web, so that’s one good place to start finding the one for you.

  1. Get your timing right

Sometimes, it’s better to wait it out and not jump into making bets too quickly. Not only could you get better odds if you bet early but, if you wait for in-game betting, you could jump in at the perfect time to make a good bet that wins you cash.

  1. Have fun

Overall, betting on sports should be fun. When you place a wager, it should be there to make the match more fun to watch and have you sitting on the edge of your seat as you watch it unfold. So, if there is one thing you do, have fun, and enjoy your sports betting experience responsibly.

Betting Odds Florida FAQs

Are sports betting odds legal in Florida?

Yes! Once again, sports betting odds in Florida is legal, with the final approval coming from the Seminole Tribe in late 2020. Now, bettors in Florida can create an account with their preferred odds provider and make bets on their preferred sports matches.

What’s the best sportsbook for odds in Florida?

There are a lot of options out there, and not all of them are created equal. We lined up 5 of the best that were picked because they are safe, legit, filled with bonus opportunities, and have a long list of sports markets to bet on. All of that makes for a solid odds site, so be sure to check them out first.

What’s the most profitable sports odds?

The amount you can make on a bet depends on the odds and the amount you put down. Though it’s not always the most profitable, many bettors choose the money line bet, as it generally has the highest odds. In addition, because it deals with choosing the overall winner, you have a 50/50 chance of choosing the winning team, which makes it attractive too.

Where can I find the best odds in FL?

When looking for the best odds, it’s recommended first to check out the top odds platforms. They generally offer competitive odds that are meant to attract bettors and give them an opportunity to get more return on the same bets that they would make in another odds operator.

What is “fading the public?”

When a match becomes popular, and bettors start to make bets, odds provider pay attention. If they notice that there is heavy betting on one side, they will move the line down the odds initially released. Thus, the bettor is at an advantage, especially if they choose the winning team, collecting more money from higher points without betting more money.